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St Kilian Distillers

2023 UKTT Exhibitors

In the 7th century , three monks from Ireland Christianized Franconia. With them they had the “Aqua Vitae” – the water of life and a technology for producing it. Did they succeed in convincing the pagans of Christianity? In the end they became martyrs and are still venerated today as the holy Frankish apostles St. Kilian, Kolonat and Totnan .

Ireland was Christianized early on and Irish missionaries traveled to the Middle East in the 6th century. There they discovered the art of distillation among the Arabs using small copper pot stills. The resulting alcohol was enriched with spices, herbs and flowers and served as a perfume. The Irish monks drank it and found the “Aqua Vitae,” as they called it in Latin, to be a formidable medicine for body and mind. From then on and with this knowledge gained, Aqua Vitae was burned on copper stills in the monasteries of Ireland and spread. A barley brandy , comparable to today's “New Make” (Spirit) from whiskey distilleries.


For more information, visit: St. Kilian Distillers